The Soulful 5 spielen am 24. Mai 2024 um 20h im Stadtteilzentrum ZwoZwo in Bingen-Bingerbrück. Hier gehts zum Ticket-VVK

At the beginning of their 2023 European tour, MAHARAJ TRIO met for a session with two of Germany’s most renowned jazz musicians: Ralf Cetto on double bass and Thomas Bachmann on soprano sax. The „Positiv Room Session“ continues the tradition of jazz and Indian Classical Music playing together that began in the 1960s. The Maharaj Trio has already performed on stage in the USA with jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, John Handy, Paul Horn and John McLaughlin – and now with two excellent and sensitive jazz musicians from Germany. Right from the start, the interplay turned out to be extremely inspiring for all musicians. Common intersections of Jazz and Indian Classic are the modal playing style and the joy of improvisation. On this basis, wonderful sound paintings emerge that captivate the listeners.

THE SOULFUL 5: Bachmann, Cetto and Maharaj Trio are now available for booking in 2024 Contact: Martin Rector artemis.institut @